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ADLAN Customer Testimonials

ADLAN was contacted at a time when we were having continuing problems with our network, causing our system to be down for hours at a time on a consistent basis. In our line of work, we are practically immobilized when the system fails and ADLAN was quick to respond to our immediate needs by getting us operational in a very short period of time, and was able to uncover the root of our problems and develop a strategy to eliminate these continuous breaks in service. Since we have outsourced our IT Management to ADLAN, we have realized improved productivity, improved systems uptimes and decreased failures, which has resulted in noticeable savings, not to mention the employees are much happier with the performance of our system.” They continue to provide outstanding support and have offered a wide range of services, not only for support, but also in planning a network strategy for future growth. Highly skilled and dependable team”

- Terry, Chief Operating Officer, Transportation Company, Hamilton


ADLAN  has provided this organization with network security, training and support. When we required IT support, arrangements were made for a specialized Adlan technician to come to the office on a weekly basis. Adlan would be available in a timely manner when a “crisis” occurred other than the pre-arranged weekly appointment. We found Adlan staff, both office and field staff, to be informed and extremely helpful in providing solutions and recommendations to any issues that have arisen and to maintain the offices computer needs. We recognise Adlan’s commitment to their clients.”

- Janis, Executive Director, Charitable, not for profit organization addressing community health
and social needs, Hamilton


“We have been able to leverage Adlans knowledge and understanding of computers and networking in order to achieve a better and more productive working environment. ADLAN corporation has implemented remote office connectivity solutions, coupled with Virtual Private Network Security, for our many remote workers. These solutions have enabled our Head Office to save time and money and still maintain the highest level of customer service our clients expect from us. The people at ADLAN are fantastic and always very helpful. They consistently provide our team with professional and courteous service. The work they perform is completed in a timely manner with minimal impact in our day to day activities. ADLAN Corporation’s support is second to none.”

- Cindy – Operations Manager, Financial Services Company in Greater Hamilton and Burlington Area.




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